Recent Programmes

Manufacturing: Succession Planning; Coaching Within a Competency Framework; Self Managed Team Development; Individual and Team Appraisal; Mentor Process and Techniques; People Management Skills Development and Assessment; Team Learning; Time Management

Sales and Marketing: Key Account Management; Persuasive Selling Skills; Lead Generation; Negotiating Skills; Strategy Planning and Implementation; Field Based Sales Management; Organisational Development; Strategic Change Process; Appraisal Techniques and Process; Personal Productivity; Competency Development.

Finance and Banking: Team Learning; Avoiding Negativity; Communicate and Win; Coaching for Team Leaders; Presentation Skills; Read Faster with Greater Understanding; Personal Effectiveness for Support Staff.

Public Sector: Management Development; Read Faster with Greater Understanding; Meetings Management; Presentation Skills; Business Letter and Report Writing; Long Hours Initiative; Career Counseling; Personal Mentoring


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