Time and Self Management

Working for longer hours has become almost an expected although not accepted condition of work.
So often in life we are governed by matters of the moment - the urgent rather than the important. Time and its enormous value can be wasted - once spent it's gone forever.
It's not that we're short of time - it is how we CHOOSE to use it that needs consideration.
Looking at ways of saving time rather than spending time should become the priority of all people who manage time. This workshop shows how the utilisation and development of skills and behaviours which, when applied throughout an organisational structure, will help individuals and teams identify opportunities to save time and be more effective with its use.

Overall Aim
This workshop, tackles the key principles of managing time. It looks at ways in which time can be saved through delegates becoming more proactive in their control of it.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for those people who find it difficult to get things done, prioritise activities, make meetings on time, meet deadlines, prepare for discussions, develop relationships, plan personal development or to set meaningful personal and business goals.

Business Benefits
As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will be better able to:

· Improve their own productivity and that of others
· Reduce stress and conflict levels
· Identify potential areas for business gain
· Assess individual potential

To support the application of the concepts, process and skills we suggest the use of a Business System. This should be used in conjunction with, not to replace, any existing electronic systems already in use.

This workshop is run over 1 or 1.5 days.

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