Presentation Skills

The ability to organise thoughts and speak confidently, fluently and persuasively is a critical business skill. An increasing number of important decisions are often made as a result of presentations. These may be on internal issues or during the process of developing relationships with customers and suppliers.
Successful presentations are all about energy, enthusiasm, confidence, conviction, an interesting and persuasive message, an understanding of the audience and an interest in their needs.

Overall Aim
To help delegates develop the ability to structure and deliver their presentations in a clear concise way with authority and confidence.

Who Should Attend?
The content and approach of this workshop can be tailored to meet the requirements of anyone making presentations to individuals or groups.

Business Benefits
As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will be better able to:

· Plan, prepare and deliver presentations in a persuasive manner
· Use visual aids and media to best effect
· Develop credibility, respect and trust as a result of a well conveyed and memorable message

This workshop runs over 1 or 2 days.

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