The Manager as a Coach

Focussed coaching will produce improved results from individuals, teams and organisations. Coaching should not be seen as a rigid process forced into an already busy day but more a management style directed towards improving performance.

Coaching occurs every day in the workplace but is usually carried out in an unfocussed way in a stressed environment driven by short term results. The effect of this can be lack of commitment and unreasonable demands resulting in conflict and ultimately poor performance.

Overall Aim
To help create a learning environment within the business which encourages personal growth and is characterised by mutual respect.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved with or interested in the development of others.

Business Benefits
As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will be better able to:

· Focus individual and team development towards new business challenges
· Broaden and deepen the skill and competency base of the workforce
· Develop improved personal satisfaction and motivation
· Use organisational development in support of change

A Coaching Skills Survey is also availavle for delegates and their reports to complete before this workshop.

This workshop runs over two days

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