Read Faster with Greater Understanding

Many people feel they need to spend too much time on business related reading - an inevitable consequence of change. In reality, the daily pressures we face brought about by ever changing priorities mean we don't spend the amount of time we need to and so feel pressured, unprepared and uninformed during meetings, answering questions, preparing reports or making decisions.

Working longer hours, taking reading home or simply not doing it, is not the answer. The ability to read faster, flexibility in approach, knowing how to discriminate between important and non-essential reading, consistent comprehension and retention are the key learning points of this 1 day workshop.

This workshop is not simply about skimming, scanning and previewing. Delegates are introduced to skills that enable them to read every word with greater speed and improved comprehension.

Overall Aim
An acceptable target for this workshop is an average of 450 words per minute with an average of 65% comprehension. The national average reading speed is 220 wpm with comprehension level of 60%. Delegates, therefore, are aiming to double their reading speeds at no cost to their levels of understanding. In reality delegates achieve far greater improvements in their overall reading effectiveness - see 'Example Results'.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for those people who spend or should spend bewtween two and four hours each week reading business related material.

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Business Benefits
The benefits delegates will immediately take away from this workshop are to:

· Deal with existing reading loads in less time
· Feel better informed and less pressured in meetings
· Take on additional reading - academic/personal development
· Reduce the personal impact of greater workloads and shorter deadlines

Example Results
Taken from a group of 11 delegates from the public sector.

Initial WPM
Initial Comp
Final WPM
Final Comp
Group Average

The average reading speed of this group increased 3.4 times with an increase in comprehension of 23.5%.

In real terms, if this group spent a total of 110 hours reading each week (2 hours each per day), they could save a cummulative total of 78 hours each week. Follow up sessions we run with our major clients show these benefits last for several years after the initial workshop.

This workshop is run over one day.

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