Business Letter and Report Writing

Of course we can all write, but can we write effectively? By this we mean, do our readers:

- understand what we have written
- take the action we want them to take?
- get the correct image or our organisation and ourselves from our writing?

That's from the reader's viewpoint - the most important view. However, we also need to consider the writer's point of view as well.

Are there people in your organisation who feel they have difficulty in writing reports, letters or emails?
Do they take too much time to write them because they do not have the confidence and/or ability?
Do they put off writing until the last possible moment?

This workshop will tackle these issues - presenting and discussing ideas which will give delegates the confidence and ability to get started, use tried and tested methods and use appropriate language, grammar and punctuation.

Overall Aim
This workshop helps delegates to write in a clear concise way.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who uses writing as a means of communication.

Business Benefits
As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will be better able to:

· Gain greater acceptance and understanding of their ideas
· Improve the effectiveness of time spent writing
· Enhance their personal image and that of their organisation
· Apply the same techniques to all styles of writing

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